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Continental. Exclusively Citroën. Australia’s premier place for Citroën.

Expert service and specialist car care for 60 years

For any questions, please call us now on 02 9759 1977 and we will be delighted to assist.


We opened our doors for business way back in 1958. Picture a long line of beautiful DS’s in our forecourt and a modest little house to work from. Since then we have focused solely on the unique and innovative range of Citroën cars.
For sales inquiries phone us on 9759 1977 or email sales@continentalcars.com.au


Our specialist workshop is equipped with everything required to give your car the very best attention it can get. Our master technicians use professional diagnostic tools. We also supply and fit accessories and customising options.
For service enquiries please call 9759 1977 or email service@continentalcars.com.au


We offer the largest stock of Citroën parts and accessories in Australia, which is backed by efficient overnight air express delivery Australia-wide. We also stock Michelin tyres which we can fit and electronically balance.

For parts enquiries please call 9759 9850 or email parts@continentalcars.com.au



Got some building maintenance on your mind ? Give Stewart and his dream team a call, This is one professional team of Tradesmen that do it right every time 😁 congratulations 👏🏼 on your new #peugeotpartnervan & we hope we can assist you in building your business further!
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Long story short Filip and his dear companion Paul  honed in on our advertised Dealer demonstrator and needless to say they ordered the Peugeot partner Pro L1. Filip is a prominent dogwalker in the Eastern suburbs and just loves what he does 🙂
if your in need of a master dog whisperer then Filips the man to see 😆
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The follks couldn't be with us for this handover sadly, we made arrangements to get it to them to work in with their busy work schedules 👌🏽🙂
Thank you for your business and congratulations on your new Peugeot partner Pro L2 Van.
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On a recent product and training day organised by Peugeot and Citroen Australia at Sydney Motorsport Park we were so fortunate to have the unique opportunity not just to take in some  product information & additional product knowledge; we also had the pleasure to do some exercise's highlighting  the driving capabilities of taking all of current products on sale in Australia around the Selected circuit to sample the capabilities of these vehicles 😉 Every car did it in its own unique way when pressed way beyond how they will ever be driven on the streets. One thing that was consistent with all of the cars it  was their ability to stay on the road with out spiralling out of control this was noted by all who participated and  it was an amazing to have this kind of confidence in all the safety systems and traction aids  when pressing the vehicles quite hard. The C5 X pictured was amazingly smooth and sure footed and an absolute pleasure to drive it at high speeds. 🙂🙂
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Here’s a couple of happy campers !! Literally! The Chuangs purchased the Expert wholly and solely to be used as a recreational vehicle;  the size the look and the standard inclusions ticked all the boxes for their requirements 😆 Happy camping from all of us at Continental 😊😊
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We kept this one under wraps for the photo shoot , if you really must know it is a Peugeot 508 GT Tourer PHEV! 😲 Our lovely couple were ofcourse thrilled to be taking delivery of this gorgeous machine 😍 Congratulations from all the crew at Continental 😊😊
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Here is another happy customer 🙂 Pauline was all smiles when she took ownership of her 2008 gt; it was a family affair with 2 of her children helping out with the purchase. Thanks guys for helping mum out with her purchase 😊 was great to meet you. Enjoy the car Pauline and congratulations 👏🏼 !!
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Peter required a second Peugeot Partner van to add to his ever expanding business . The fact that he will actually do a considerable amount more kilometers in this one, led him to opt for the Premium upgrade pack 😉 enjoy the extra comforts Peter & all the best from team Continental !! 🙂🙂
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Taking delivery the new C5x is always a very special moment 😍 as it was for our lovely couple Congratulations 👏🏼 from team Continental, happy and safe motoring. 🙂🙂
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Robert a former employee has never lost his passion for the Citroen brand. When a small new car was required for Rob & Greta’s downsizing lifestyle change, the choice came very easily. The new Citroen C3 Shine is now neatly parked in their beachside apartment with room to spare. Don’t be a stranger Rob-see you soon !😃
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Jordan Stefanov
May 23, 2023

Extremely happy with my new Peugeot partner premium. Thank you Joe and the team at Continental Peugeot! Exceptional service and customer experience throughout the whole purchase from initial enquiry to handover.

Carly Collister
April 11, 2023

I recently purchased a Peugeot Partner Van from Joe and Bill and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The van is absolutely fantastic and has exceeded my expectations in every way. Joe and Bill were both incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire buying process, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience. The van itself is spacious, comfortable, and extremely versatile, making it the perfect choice for my business needs. It has excellent fuel efficiency, which is great for my bottom line, and the driving experience is smooth and enjoyable. Overall, I highly recommend both the Peugeot Partner Van and Joe and Bill as the perfect team to purchase it from. Thank you for an excellent experience!

Vien Nguyen
November 24, 2022

Joe and Bill, Thank you very much for your support and incredibly customer service level. Very happy with the van. 😃

Margaret Robinson
January 21, 2022

Long wait due to covid and my special order for a one-side-door van - but Joe and Bill were upfront about the wait and locked in to the good-value sale price. They then were happy to swap the van's triple front seat for the twin layout I wanted (for swivel seats - I'm doing a campervan conversion) even though the spec had changed - fair bit of work at their cost - anyone else would just feed you the excuse that the spec had changed. Very impressed with their easy-going and no-pressure ways - nice people to deal with! Regards Bruce Robinson

Cee Jay
July 27, 2021

This outfit are the best of the best , had to wait for my van which I believe is quite the norm these days . Worth the wait my Platinum Grey Expert looks a million dollars 😊😊 Was kept informed along the way and the whole process was made seamless by Joe snd Bill which I cannot thank enough for their efforts. I have an ageing fleet of vans and I know where I’ll be coming to purchase them in the very near future. Thanks again guys 😊👍

Daniel Kramarzewski
February 12, 2021

I have been dealing with Bill, Greg and the team for at least the last 5 years. If you are after First Class service and Full Transparency, you have come to the right place. The after sales service has been Fantastic and they have helped me more times than I can remember. I hope to continue to buy and trade through Continental Peugeot Professional for many years to come.