Australia's No.1 Dealer 2019
For your safety and for ours - we are pleased to inform you that all staff members are double vaccinated.
Australia's No.1 Dealer 2019
Australia's No.1 Dealer 2019 - copy
Australia's No.1 Dealer 2019 - copy
Service Department
Service Department
60 years of history
60 years of history
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Continental. Exclusively Citroën. Australia’s premier place for Citroën.

Expert service and specialist car care for 60 years

For any questions, please call us now on 02 9759 1977 and we will be delighted to assist.

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2.0 LTR
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Awarded for exemplary sales, customer satisfaction and business excellence

Car Sales

We opened our doors for business way back in 1958. Picture a long line of beautiful DS’s in our forecourt and a modest little house to work from. Since then we have focused solely on the unique and innovative range of Citroën cars.

For sales inquiries phone us on 9759 1977 or email


Our specialist workshop is  equipped with everything required to give your car the very best attention it can get. Our master technicians use professional diagnostic tools. We also supply and fit accessories and customising options.

For service enquiries please call 9759 1977 or email


We offer the largest stock of Citroën parts and accessories in Australia, which is backed by efficient overnight air express delivery Australia-wide. We also stock Michelin tyres which we can fit and electronically balance.

For parts enquiries please call 9759 9850 or email

How to Find Us

Our customers say the nicest things …

Colin put in an order for this specific #peugeotpartnervan 

Colin ordered the Partner Pro premium 3 seater which is the top of the range longer van with additional goodies, alloys, colour coding & proximity entry with push button start .. 🙂🙂

Colin is planning to visit his daughter in QLD next month & is looking forward to drive up in his new car.

Happy and safe motoring to you Colin enjoy your road trip 👍🏼👍🏼
#peugeotau #peugeotpartnervan
#premiumvan #premiumvans #frenchcars #frenchvan #frenchvans #roadtrip #newcar
Matty recently took delivery of this brand new #peugeotpartnervan for their wine and spirits business 🙂 located in the inner West, we were proud to supply and have to another Peugeot Partner van hit the grounds in Sydney 👌well done & congratulations 👏 see you at  1st service Matty! 
@peugeotau #peugeotau
#partner #van #frenchvan
#wine #spirits #smallbusiness
@pv.wines.drinks #liquormerchants
Michael flew up to collect one of our pre owned selected vehicles -all prepared & ready for work 🙂 An unfortunate accident left him stranded without a work vehicle & a urgent backlog of jobs to cover; He was on the road less than 24 hours post the mishap & very much a happier tradie again !! #citroen #citroenberlingo #citroenaustralia #preownedcars #preownedcar #tradiesvan #tradiesaustralia #tradies #frenchvans #frenchvan
Another Citroen addition to grace the driveways of the Lattouf family 🙂🙂. Their French 🇫🇷 Lebanese 🇱🇧 heritage always provided a close affinity to the brand. Camille’s new C5 Aircross fits the bill for their growing family & complements their current C4 perfectly. Wishing the family happy motoring 👏 & a thank you for the continued support to our dealership 🙂 #citroënorigins #citroenaustralia #citroenc5aircross #loyalty #heritage #french #lebanese #frenchlebanese #congratulations
Francis we thought had finally come to a decision 🤔 to part with her little red C3 after 17 years of happy reliable monitoring & buy this stunning new 2022 #citroenc3  #shine in #articsteel

Hence what did she do? 🤫

She said “NO ill keep them both I can’t let it go ! “

Well as it is still in excellent condition & has 4 airbags & ABS a nice gift awaits for one of the grand kids 😊 & it doesn’t have to leave her sight !

We wish Francis all the best and happy motoring 👏
#citroenaustralia #citroenc3 #citroenc3shine #citroënfanphoto 
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